knowing that what we think, and what we say becomes what we do, and who we are.

The purpose of this blog is to:

1. Identify and record drawing and painting ideas and goals

2. Share these discoveries with others

3. Receive feedback, constructive criticism, as well as offer

4. Search for collaboration opportunities

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

part two 7/19

Here was that photo!

And one more, just for fun!  


Dear Minneap and ST.P graff writers, drawers, artists, and supporters,
Sorry for the absentee bloglording but while away from this blogary, I've been out discovering some really neat opportunities!  First was a chance to do some aerasol paints for Pat at Crossfit Mendota, a gym opening soon near the Airport...if you want details about crossfit, lemme know!

Second, this is a link to the Rhymesayers homepage - if you have not purchased Atmosphere's "The Family Sign" album yet, treat yourself.  This album hit me just right (write), the prose writing of the lyrics gave words to the emotions of the moment, in an organic way, allowing them to be integrated and absorbed with love, rather than resistance, in this experience we call life, for me personally.  My Key is dark and ominous, the beginning.  But as you journey through this CD, getting towards the end, like at My Notes, opens to sunshine, gratitude, and positivity - super forward moving energy.  I felt like a journal was set to music, and a poet poured out the heart stuff.  Cannot believe there are folks right in our neighborhood making music like dis. Awesome.

Lastly, trying to get at my work/marketing - here is an illustration I want to disperse as a business card.  Your thoughts?  Your criticisms?  Your love?  Lemme know, and until next week (I hope) I will see you either on the streets writing, maybe in a coffee shop, or even better a friends house.
peace and love,