knowing that what we think, and what we say becomes what we do, and who we are.

The purpose of this blog is to:

1. Identify and record drawing and painting ideas and goals

2. Share these discoveries with others

3. Receive feedback, constructive criticism, as well as offer

4. Search for collaboration opportunities

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17th

Dear Major League Graffitiers, Twin Cities, Minnesota

Yesterday waking up to snow was wild!  Although we are into April, it seems that we still needed just a little bit more winter to appreciate this upcoming spring and summer - it's going to be fantastic.

Just wanted to up a concept I've been playing with lately, the graff ninja, sporting a custom respirator.  Somehow, it reminds me of the mustache and mask on a samurai's helmut.  check this out:

Ok, now here's my version:

Sorry about the goofy formating of my uploads!  Hopefully soon I will be able to get these photos rotated!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  

But this is a character, a myth, a legend, a past/present East/West combination that I dream about, I guess the seed and precurser to further work I hope and believe.  

Lastly, I hope and pray for each and every persons' deepest happiness and fulfillment.  I believe that this is necessary, even if only for a split second or a subconscious inkling, like the Bodhisattva promise, because when that happens, I believe violence, jealousy, hatred, and sadness will be overcome.  I guess I realize how crucial our happiness is in achieving the purppose of our lives', and searching after that is our reason for being, right? Hit me back GrafFeRs of MN, USA
with love and peace,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14th!

D-dang!  Got chilly out this afternoon, but not cold enough to stop me from getting on the skate, and pushing around the neighborhood!

Gotta chance to check a few respirators this afternoon at Lowe's and Menard's in West St. Paul off Robert.
check this out:

or check this Wikipedia link:

There is just something so cool, perhaps militant in the look and style of these masks.  It not only protects, but it disguises, so in some sense, the paint fumes/particle masks make us ninjas...graff ninjas that is!  Can't wait to pick one up, so far prices range from $20~40, and I figure protecting our lungs is worth way more anyways.

Let me riff on dignity for a moment.  Had a brilliant flash reminder that even when we feel as though other's are taking away our value, we can always protect our dignity.  By love, forgiveness, and deep looking, protecting our greatness is an act that truly loves both ourself and our important people around us.  This is where I'm at tonight...impatient, ornary, but humble, and greatful for another crack at love and miracles today!  PeAcE and LoVE for all!

Monday, April 11, 2011

ESSEN rebirth!

Just a few pics

April 11th

 Grandma Marge, I love you.

OK y'all remember about the Lyndale space for the mural - here is sketch one of what I would like to put up there.  Tell me what you think!

Next up, gotta a coupla photos from local scenes...Lake Street, and under the bridge on Minnehaha.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 6th and 7th

Dear Blog,

Thoughts from the past 2 days revolve around action plans.  First, in a discussion with STK, he mentioned the idea of a Work Break down System.  In some ways this is a flow chart, a visual chain taking great overarching goals/projects, and stepping down task by task until the most basic unit of organization (in this case a single action like get paper and pencil or turn on the computer) is isolated.

Secondly, this evening speaking with L. M. the message was echoed, and I find this not at all a coincidence, but rather the universe communicating.  L. M. mentioned the book I believe

but what was important in our conversation was about listening to that inner voice that directs us to what we want, and know doing will make us happy.  And, not just knowing it vaguely, but rather being able to put it into specific, action oriented sentences -so that we can do something.

I guess this made so much sense to me because I know exactly what I want in life, but I don't know if or how I can get it.  I know my focus should be on getting drawings, and paintings done, but I have been distracted.

Before I explain, let me just mention that a large wallspace near Lake and Lyndale in Minneapolis is available for a mural!  That just may be a place where I can paint!!!  Will update again when there's more info!

OK, why have I been so distracted?  I've been thinking about her, the one, my home.  Perhaps everyone experiences being obsessed, infatuated, and also in love with another person.  Adding technology makes it interesting...why didn't she text back?  Did she see my facebook posting?  etc.

Been so totally overwhelmed by these thoughts, plus a whole lotta internal "I told ya so's" that I have not been able to love and care for myself.  I have been in this place before.  I didn't want to repeat the same mistakes, I wanted to give time, space, and geniune care so that the seeds of friendship could blossom into the flowers of love.  I thought the universe would help.  At this time, it's too early to know the outcome.  I am greatly concerned that it will result in being hurt again, either rejected or ignored.

The logical side of my brain points out there are so many excellent amazing women out there, to never forget being open to that.  The emotional part of my heart grieves.  For being so hopeful over something I should have been more guarded about, or more reasonable about.  Knowing that each person becomes ready at a different time gives me comfort, and that I have not lost my dignity in the same manner as last year does as well.  I feel emotionally spent, and maybe that's best, having talked it out so many times, written about it, prayed about it.

I can move forward now, I can refocus.  But, I will never give up hope.
Amen to the brothers and sisters of the graffiti alliance, keep striving for style and excellence, and keep loving, until tmrrw y'all

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5th

Woke up this morning after an amazing day yesterday!  Had some seriously good time to be with family, reflect on my own, exercise, work on art, and meet some buds late later.  What was cool about meeting my friends was the idea they put out about having a "Mendota stock."

Basically involving the local businesses and bands to come together in this sleepy suburban neighborhood and do something to bring the community out and to get together.

What's cool about talking ideas like these and others, then writing them down in this blog allows the idea to take a step further down the conceptualization line.  My friend N was like, "We get bands to sell tickets, approach Theresa's, Tommy Chicago's, the Moose, and Lucky's, and we've got a great event cooking."

Seeing an opportunity, and taking action --- really empowering!  I gotta write about the stars though!
As I walked home, they were so exceptionally bright!  It was a reminder that life, and the world around us is such a miracle!  I was struck that millions of light years away, these stars are shining brightly like our Sun.  And that we, living our daily lives, are navigating the Universe on this rotating planet we call home; Mother (ship) Earth.

It was really humbling...and I know and continue to strive for what I believe in!  Drawing tonight at the Minneapolis Atelier!   Great place if ya don't know, now ya do!

Until tmrrow STart SEEing GraFFIti!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th!

Yabai!  (Japanese slang for Dang!)  I am late by 8 minutes for today's blog entry, as it is already the 5th but finally inspiration has taken over!  I'll just hit you with some quick thoughts.

Got an ESSEN tag down that looks decent, photo coming.

Here below is the Start Seeing Logo idea, pretty complete, may revise.  Today was a soul searching day, but I am thankful for it.  Powerful, meaningful, facing fears, and believing and hoping.  Untill tmrrow, (it's already here!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3rd

Good morning!  Yesterday provided interesting information about 2 upcoming drawing events.  First off on Thursday, April 7th, in North Minneapolis at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe, is the first Thursday Cartoonist Conspiracy (Minneapolis cell) meeting.  This is an excellent group of both professional and amatuer comic artists who gather to drink coffee and draw comics.

The Jam concept was new to me, having 20+ people working on the same pages seemed contrary to what I had previously believed about comic authorship.  What was very liberating about the experience was the good natured humour, the excellent skill level, and the ability to see very different approaches to penciling, and inking a comic.

Secondly, a manga drawing event I believe will be occuring on Saturday the 9th.  When I know more about the time and place,  I will follow up with details.

Let me digress for a minute from the world of art and culture, to the world of drinking, dating, and confidence.  Out with a group of buds who had earlier made plans to meet with a group of female friends on Grand later in the evening.  It took us a while to get out the door, and when we finally made it up to Bonfire (great tall Surly's on tap) it had to be close to midnight.

Said female group's member #1 ran up, completely intoxicated, obviously interested in one of my bro's.  What was hard to watch was an attractive and intelligent woman, so drunk she could barely keep her head up, trying to talk romance.  I've known her to be a straight up chick, so seeing the love courtship trying to be hurried along by drunken propositions was like looking in the mirrror.

For me personally, when I am interested in a woman, I usually try to express that soon, thinking it's the noble/honest approach.  What I feel I was able to recognize last night is that rushing to tell someone we like/want to be with them, that really becomes about our need for validation.  And that by putting that pressure on someone else, we forget to check our own value.  It was this weird ego scenario playing out, and I took heart, putting this z-walking female into a cab after she stumbled away from the bar with a sound sober female guardian.  While these lessons may be embarrassing, I hope and believe they help us see clearer, recognize our value, and seek out relationships of mutual respect.  It's so hard, but maybe that's what makes finding a mate who really and genuinely is into us so so sweet.

I also found myself exuding (trying to at least) a new found confidence.  Perhaps it comes from knowing truly and deeply what I want.  What I am worried about was trying to impress my bros with less than savory jokes/anecdotes knowing that what we think, and what we say becomes what we do, and who we are.

I hope I can never forget the humility that grounds me, allows me to appreciate the life I live, and the people I love - for yesterday got a little drawing in on the "Start Seeing Graffiti" concept that was so fun.
Until tmrrw, Graffiti kids unite!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2nd

Dear Graf community, Metro Area Minneapolis, St. Paul,

Last evening provided some unexpected inspiration, and new music which I'd like to explore here.  The evening's current brought me and STK to the Dubliner, an Irish bar off Cretin and 94.  The vibe was lively but chill, the music was a 3 member group (mandolin, flute, guitar) and we met Joe B, a long time friend who I hadn't seen in a while, for whiskey and beer.

Joe asked "What's happening with you now?"  And, I explained my decision to start life here in the Twin Cities, my aspirations as a painter, and my desire to get better connected to the graffiti community here.  Joe B threw out this idea:

"You know the bumper stickers that say `start seeing motorcycles` well, I want a t-shirt that says 'start seeing graffiti'."  So I am ready to jump all over this idea, I'd like to work out some hand styles, write a few samples, and ideally, get a design ready for a shirt/bumper sticker/etc.  The character (wearing a hoodie and holding a spray can) will be dope.

Lastly, Steve played a tune that's gotta be mentioned.  It's called "The Boston Monkey." This track made driving the late night highway an experience!  If you youtube "the Boston Monkey"  you made find a track by the Hustlers, or by Otis Redding, both good.  I gotta get this mix up.

OK, so here is the to do list for now.
1. get pictures up
2. make sure hyperlinks are clickable (cutting and paste is a temporay fix)
3.find the Boston Monkey track

Alright, everyone thank you for your comments, feedback, time, and following.  Art is a creative pursuit born of love.  Let's make it our livelihood, doing what we love. Until tomorrow,

Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st

Last Night checked out 5th Element's (On Hennepin in Up Town) Thursday Night events..turns out the 5th Thursday is a rarity and not much was going on.  It is an excellent place for music, markers, and some excellent books as well.  
(link to 5th Ele)

Getting the chance to read about SABER was particularly inspirational.  Seeing his pieces,  reading his history, and of course his progression.  

It seems he went from tags and quick throw ups, to more and more elaborate piece designs, influence added in by running with different crews.  That is what I know I need -other peoples' eyes.  Not just for judgement but for motivation, feeling like "I am pumped to put something extra into these letters or this character because my friends are gonna really like it etc."  

SABER took his ideas into three dimensional wood and metal design, and pushed the meaning and value of lettering to something very new, and very deep.  Seeing his "blueprints" were just as great as his wall murals, an crossed over into almost a Frank Loyd Wright -esque stain glass window design pattern.  
(link to SABER and FLW art work)

Design patterns have been making an impression on me lately.  Was at the book store and happened to pull an Alfonse Mucha book off the shelf.  Putting the human figure, so elegantly drawn, amidst a botanical, yet semi-abstract pattern... is that not imaginative design taken to a high level of refinement?  So good if ya ask me.   
(Mucha design link)

This calls to mind the art, the drawings, the paintings  that I want to make in my life.  They will include 1. the human figure 2. natural elements (grasses, flowers, tree, like Jakuchu) 3. graffiti wild styles letters and arrows - these are what I need to practice and unify.  

Met up with cuz and Alex for a cold one, and got some letter ideas down...playing with Engine, Essen, Evolve, and Questa ---thinking Essen for now.  What I need to do is get some work up on this blog, and get some feedback - that'd be appreciated.  Until tomorrow,