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1. Identify and record drawing and painting ideas and goals

2. Share these discoveries with others

3. Receive feedback, constructive criticism, as well as offer

4. Search for collaboration opportunities

Thursday, June 9, 2011

6/9 part II

Also wanted to put this up, snapped this pic in Lower Town St. Paul.  Apparently the graff ninja's are out, and not happy about the no parking here signs.  Lastly, after a few days of artist block, feeling frustrated by not being able to produce art work, get ideas down, or enjoy the process of creation, I felt a break through!  Shown here is: PLAY - Einstein stated that play is the most important, and serious form of scientific research.  I believe the same can be said for art.  We strive so hard to get our ideas down, and because we never got the chance to learn how to draw well in school, we are upset with ourselves and our artwork.  I want to actively strive to change this, to empower and enable more of us to use or creative tendency to play with pens and pencils, and express ourselves in ways we find interesting, enjoyable, and unique.  Much love to Minnesota's Musicians that played at Mear's Park tonight, they put on an incredible show!!


  1. Everyone, EVERYONE, knows how to draw. We grow up doing it as kids (albeit sometimes on our parent's walls). But unfortunately that creative skill is placed below other subjects once we start school (and sometimes even before that), and it remains undeveloped as we grow older, unless we actively pursue this innate ability. Those that don't look at the art of those that do and think "I cant draw" and are further discouraged to do so. I thank my junior high school art teacher for teaching me this, telling all his students that they "can" draw, and encouraging us to rediscover the childhood artist inside us all.
    Let's go paint on a wall! Just make sure it's those erasable crayons...

  2. Thanks Ken! Yeah they are just plain old Micron pens. I just started using them again after a ten hiatus. Trying to use 102 crow quill nibs. But I keep breaking them, I'm just too heavy handed. Keep up the great work on the blog, looks stellar.