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1. Identify and record drawing and painting ideas and goals

2. Share these discoveries with others

3. Receive feedback, constructive criticism, as well as offer

4. Search for collaboration opportunities

Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st

Last Night checked out 5th Element's (On Hennepin in Up Town) Thursday Night events..turns out the 5th Thursday is a rarity and not much was going on.  It is an excellent place for music, markers, and some excellent books as well.  
(link to 5th Ele)

Getting the chance to read about SABER was particularly inspirational.  Seeing his pieces,  reading his history, and of course his progression.  

It seems he went from tags and quick throw ups, to more and more elaborate piece designs, influence added in by running with different crews.  That is what I know I need -other peoples' eyes.  Not just for judgement but for motivation, feeling like "I am pumped to put something extra into these letters or this character because my friends are gonna really like it etc."  

SABER took his ideas into three dimensional wood and metal design, and pushed the meaning and value of lettering to something very new, and very deep.  Seeing his "blueprints" were just as great as his wall murals, an crossed over into almost a Frank Loyd Wright -esque stain glass window design pattern.  
(link to SABER and FLW art work)

Design patterns have been making an impression on me lately.  Was at the book store and happened to pull an Alfonse Mucha book off the shelf.  Putting the human figure, so elegantly drawn, amidst a botanical, yet semi-abstract pattern... is that not imaginative design taken to a high level of refinement?  So good if ya ask me.   
(Mucha design link)

This calls to mind the art, the drawings, the paintings  that I want to make in my life.  They will include 1. the human figure 2. natural elements (grasses, flowers, tree, like Jakuchu) 3. graffiti wild styles letters and arrows - these are what I need to practice and unify.  

Met up with cuz and Alex for a cold one, and got some letter ideas down...playing with Engine, Essen, Evolve, and Questa ---thinking Essen for now.  What I need to do is get some work up on this blog, and get some feedback - that'd be appreciated.  Until tomorrow, 

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