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The purpose of this blog is to:

1. Identify and record drawing and painting ideas and goals

2. Share these discoveries with others

3. Receive feedback, constructive criticism, as well as offer

4. Search for collaboration opportunities

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2nd

Dear Graf community, Metro Area Minneapolis, St. Paul,

Last evening provided some unexpected inspiration, and new music which I'd like to explore here.  The evening's current brought me and STK to the Dubliner, an Irish bar off Cretin and 94.  The vibe was lively but chill, the music was a 3 member group (mandolin, flute, guitar) and we met Joe B, a long time friend who I hadn't seen in a while, for whiskey and beer.

Joe asked "What's happening with you now?"  And, I explained my decision to start life here in the Twin Cities, my aspirations as a painter, and my desire to get better connected to the graffiti community here.  Joe B threw out this idea:

"You know the bumper stickers that say `start seeing motorcycles` well, I want a t-shirt that says 'start seeing graffiti'."  So I am ready to jump all over this idea, I'd like to work out some hand styles, write a few samples, and ideally, get a design ready for a shirt/bumper sticker/etc.  The character (wearing a hoodie and holding a spray can) will be dope.

Lastly, Steve played a tune that's gotta be mentioned.  It's called "The Boston Monkey." This track made driving the late night highway an experience!  If you youtube "the Boston Monkey"  you made find a track by the Hustlers, or by Otis Redding, both good.  I gotta get this mix up.

OK, so here is the to do list for now.
1. get pictures up
2. make sure hyperlinks are clickable (cutting and paste is a temporay fix)
3.find the Boston Monkey track

Alright, everyone thank you for your comments, feedback, time, and following.  Art is a creative pursuit born of love.  Let's make it our livelihood, doing what we love. Until tomorrow,

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  1. Where did you find the Otis Redding version? The Hustlers version is sick for sure!

    Walking is the new sitting,
    ~Nefarious Norman