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Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14th!

D-dang!  Got chilly out this afternoon, but not cold enough to stop me from getting on the skate, and pushing around the neighborhood!

Gotta chance to check a few respirators this afternoon at Lowe's and Menard's in West St. Paul off Robert.
check this out:

or check this Wikipedia link:

There is just something so cool, perhaps militant in the look and style of these masks.  It not only protects, but it disguises, so in some sense, the paint fumes/particle masks make us ninjas...graff ninjas that is!  Can't wait to pick one up, so far prices range from $20~40, and I figure protecting our lungs is worth way more anyways.

Let me riff on dignity for a moment.  Had a brilliant flash reminder that even when we feel as though other's are taking away our value, we can always protect our dignity.  By love, forgiveness, and deep looking, protecting our greatness is an act that truly loves both ourself and our important people around us.  This is where I'm at tonight...impatient, ornary, but humble, and greatful for another crack at love and miracles today!  PeAcE and LoVE for all!

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